Shure QLXD14 G51



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Shure QLXD14 G51

Digital UHF Wireless System
Includes pocket transmitter for guitar and bass
120 dB dynamic range
Audio signal: 24 bit / 48 kHz
AES-256 encryption for tap-proof transmission
Up to 72 MHz switching bandwidth
22 compatible channels in an 8 MHz TV band
Switchable transmission power 1/10 mW
Metal pocket transmitter with 4-pole TQG connection
9.5″ metal receiver
Detachable BNC antennas
Ethernet port for system monitoring and configuration
Frequency transmission via infrared interface
XLR/jack output
Transmitter operates with SB 900 lithium ion rechargeable battery technology, or with 1.5 V AA batteries
Frequency band: G51 (470 – 534 MHz)
Includes PS23 power supply, WA302 guitar cable and rack mount


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