Acus 8



Power: 200 Watts
Components: 1 x 8″ woofer and tweeter 1 x Ring
Bass reflex port with 2 openings
4 separately adjustable channels
Channel 1 + 2 with input jack or balanced XLR input and switchable phantom power
Channel 3 with jack input
Channel 4 with stereo RCA input
3-Band EQ per channel (Bass, mid, treble)
Gain control for each channel
Master Volume
Digital effects unit with 8 different effects and combinations Reverb / Chorus / Flanger / Delay: Small Reverb, warm Large acoustic Reverb, Large acoustic Hall, Small Room, Middle Room, Vocal Plate, Big Acoustic Plate
Effects send per channel
Effect Master Controller
Notch filter
Balanced XLR DI output
Line-Out output jack or stereo RCA
Headphone output
Ground Lift
Speaker flange mount for 36mm diameter speaker stands
Housing: Plywood
Color: Wood


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