Vox AC30CC2X



Vox AC30CC2X

•Front panel controls: Inputs x 2 (Top Boost & Normal);
•Input Link Switch for blending channels;
•Normal Volume;
•Brilliance Switch;
•Top Boost Volume;
•EQ Standard/Custom Switch;
•Bass; Reverb Controls (Tone, Mix, Dwell Switch);
•Tremolo Speed & Depth;
•Tone Cut;
•Master Volume;
•Standby Switch;
•Power Switch Rear panel controls:
•Loudspeaker output jack x 2 (Extension & External);
•Output (O/P) Impedance Select (8 or 16 Ohm);
•Output Bias (82 “Warm” or 50 “Hot”);
•Smoothing (22uF “Vintage” or 44uF “Modern”);
•FX Loop (Send, Return and Bypass Switch);
•Footswitch Jack (Tremolo and Reverb);
•HT Fuse;
•Mains Input;
•Mains Fuse;


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