DigiTech JamMan Looper


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DigiTech JamMan Looper

Digitech JamMan Features
•Record rhythm loops and solo over them on the fly, completely hands-free.
•Save up to 99 independent loops at one time.
•Store over 24 minutes of looping time on the included CompactFlash card, in .wav format.
•Upgrade to a 2GB card to store up to 6.5 hours of audio.
•minimum loop length is 3.5 seconds (not really a feature, but you should know)
•Undo/Redo of single layer of overdubs
•Two stop modes, either stop immediately or play to end
•Built in metronome
•Connect to your computer via USB to save and recall loops
•slow down or speed up loops without changing pitch
•Auto-Record function to start recording when audio begins
•high-impedance instrument input
•CD/Aux input with center cancel mode to remove vocals
•Balanced XLR mic input
•footswitch jack for scrolling through loops and arming the Auto Record feature


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